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Parking Pizza / Parking Pita

Best pizza in Barcelona? It's definitley up there. Parking Pizza started out in a converted garage (hence the name) on Calle Londres and has spread to a car park on .... where it also houses Parking Pitta, it's doughy cousin. I unfortunatley was cursed at birth with a dairy allergy so I can't fully understand the experience of pizza (vegan cheese doesn't really make the cut let's be honest, apart from Purezza in London & Brighton) but I have it on good authority the burrata pizza here is pretty much heaven. Sans cheese I paid more attention to dough, sauce and toppings and was similarly impressed. Love the minimal interiors that err on the right side of hipster with cardboard stools to store your bags and jackets, big mirrors and flowers in jars.

Carrer de Londres, 98, 08036 Barcelona&Passeig de Sant Joan, 56, 08009 Barcelona

By Florence Nolan & Tessa Kaye


Low-key dimly light and not lacking authenticity, this place is ideal for a quick asian bite at afforable prices. The highly talented woman who works in the kitchen is Vietnamese, you might see her come out the the front of the shop and squat while puffing on a cigarette. Her food tastes really homemade and hearty and we love her. 

Koku Kitchen

Head to Koku when your bored of tapas and fancy something with more asian flavours but can't decide what, as upstairs there is a choice between bun's, pho's, pad thai, curries, fried chicken, spring rolls and pretty much anything else you cravings could desire. I normally don't like Asian food places that claim to cross the whole of South East Asia in one menu, but the things I've eaten are pretty good, and the place is nice. However, downstairs is where my heart lies. There are now quite a few ramen places in BCN, but a lot of them don't offer vegan/veggie ramen. Head to the basement with neon lights, long shared tables and a great atmosphere. Sit at the bar and watch the chefs/witches stir their cauldrons of unami-ness.

Carrer del Comerç, 

TINT / Creative Collective / Barcelona