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Flax and Kale

Ok, so not strictly vegan, but mostly. I love Flax and Kale for very selfish resaons because their diet is my diet,  vegan + fish (I know that sounds like an oxymoron), and it's the only place I've been in the world where that's the case. I feel seen Flax and Kale, thank you. They have two openings, one huge 2 floor resteraunt in Raval with an amazing roof garden, and Passage, which does incredible vegan and gluten free pizzas. Really bloody good for what is, lets be honest, quite a shit vegan scene here compared to London. I mean even Pizza Express and Papa Johns have vegan cheese now. Barcelona, more cheeze please.  Anyway, Flax and Kale has delicious plant or fish based options including mini burgers, tacos, pasta's and of course salads . And the deserts... Vegan Creme Catalan! Amazing.  

Carrer dels Tallers, 74b&Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 31-33 (Pizza

By Florence Nolan


Quinoa started life out in a small cafe in Gracia but has grown up to add a second place in Exiample. I prefer the vibe in the smaller Gracia cafe, but the newer opening offers more space and serves a great value set lunch everyday.  Vegan burgers, wraps and salads make this a great lunch spot, or for earlier or later on in the day a coffee or a cocktail. Honourable mention to the bannana bread and the brownie.

Travessera de Gràcia, 203&Carrer d'Aragó, 209, 08011 Barcelona, Spain


Also not strictly just Vegan but Chok has great options for a sweet treat, from chocolate tuffles, chocolate bars, or one of their insane doughnut things, not for the faint hearted.

Three outposts in Gotic, Raval and Gracia

TINT / Creative Collective / Barcelona